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As more and more people aspire to attain a fashionable appearance, the skin and beauty industry is set to boom. Beauty salon employers require highly qualified personnel who can provide a competitive edge to their salons. Therefore, Natural’s Training Academy (NTA) offers courses with valuable knowledge to those wishing to pursue careers in the beauty industry.

Basic Certificate

Advance Certificate

Diploma Course

Course Highlights

NTA offers training in the following fields:

Skin Anatomy

There is a great deal of information shared in this course regarding skin types, skin anatomy, and skin problems. This course also introduces the art of waxing and advanced waxing along with skin care techniques.

Beauty Enhancements

There are several areas in which candidates can become proficient, including threading, pedicures, manicures, and facials. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to learn spa pedicures and spa techniques. Additionally, the course teaches methods of manicure and advanced facials using machine technology and product knowledge.

Add On’s

Candidates also learn about beauty home remedies, personal effectiveness, salon planning, and safety and health precautions.
In order to assist candidates on their career path in the field of glamour and stardom, NTA offers basic, advanced, and combination packages.

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